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Milano Dining Chair (Cushions)

  • Brand: Caluco
  • Product Code: 133
  • Availability: In Stock
Cushion for Milano Dining Chair Seat

Made of Sunbrella Grad A fabric which is a water repellant material, prevents mildew and it won't fade. Seat cushions are made of foam with a Dacron wrap.

Available colors:

5405 - Canvas Parrot 5407 - Canvas Henna 5499 - Canvas True Blue 5429 - Canvas Macaw 5438 - Canvas Buttercup
5477 - Canvas Logo Red 8353 - Linen Canvas 5404 - Canvas Natural 8013 - Dupione Bamboo 5487- Canvas Fern
8012 - Dupione Cornsilk 8017 - Dupione Walnut 8314 - Linen Straw 8306 - Linen Chili 5452- Canvas Sapphire Blue
8005 - Renata Hemp 5439- Canvas Navy 5601 - Bravada Salsa 5607 - Davidson Walnut 5608 - Davidson Redwood

About Caluco's Milano line of Products:
Contemporary with a touch of elegance. The Milano Collection exhibits sleek, smooth lines for a contemporary look. The cast aluminum frame is powder-coated to provide a rust and scratch resistant surface. To compliment the design, the Milano Collection offers plush, thick cushions allowing for many hours of entertaining and comfort. This fine aluminum patio collection will have you gathering family and friends in your outdoor space for every occasion.

Tubular Aluminum
Tubular aluminum features heavy gage .65 wall thickness tubing. The tubing is cut to size and then shaped according to the specific style and design of the collection that we are creating, it's welded together and all the connections have a 360o welds for maximum strength and it's tripled hand polished. After a detailed cleaning process, the furniture receives a baked on powder paint coat - much thicker and harder than conventional wet paint

10 Year Warranty on Patio Furniture
3 Year Warranty for Commercial Use

We pride ourselves on the industry-leading value and quality of our products and expect that you (or your customers) will receive enjoyment from it for many years! Caluco furniture is made to last and is almost never returned! That's why we are able to offer this unbeatable guarantee.

We will replace any defective component at no cost to the original owner for 10 years from the date of the sale. Furniture for commercial use is limited to a 3 year warranty. We do not charge you restocking fees or even worse, make YOU pay for the return shipping! If you don't like our furniture, which will not happen, we will pay and make the arrangements to have it returned, plain and simple. Caluco has served thousands of satisfied clients. Choose the furniture manufacturer that guarantees quality, without the unnecessary risk of losing money, Caluco.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by the effects of normal wear and tear, severe weather occurrences, negligence, misuse, or unauthorized repairs. The word "defects", as used in this warranty, is defined as imperfections that impair the utility of the product. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear effects of the furniture such as checking and weathering. Although extremely rare, events where furniture has simply become unglued are considered a maintenance issue and are not covered by warranty. These issues can be resolved with a two part epoxy which can be purchased at any hardware department store. Normal wear and tear is defined as "the normal deterioration that is received by regular use of any piece of furniture."

If the furniture component is defective within the terms of the warranty, it will be the decision of Caluco as to which method of resolution is used to repair the defective component. The preferred resolution option is to acquire the services of a local woodworker/carpenter to repair the defect at our expense. This option carries the least risk for additional damage while shipping items back and forth. Caluco will reimburse the customer or pay the repairman directly for the repairs. If the customer chooses to return defective items to Caluco, it will be the customer's responsibility to ensure that the packaging is sufficient to prevent further damage. Caluco must be contacted prior to any shipment of defective pieces and before any third party repair person is contacted.

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