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DUAL Duplex Switch

  • Brand: Infratech
  • Product Code: 289
  • Availability: In Stock
Use with the Dual Element W-Series Infrared Electric Heaters or allows for controlling multiple Single Element Heaters

A low cost way of controlling heat output when installed to each element in a dual element heater

In-Wall Duplex Switch For Indoor or Protected Outdoor Areas

Each Pole (top & bottom switch) can handle up to 20amps. This allows for higher amp & wattage units to be paired with a low cost controlling solution.

Use with W-Series Dual Element heaters.

Provides 50%/100% output status - on/off "half power"

Use as an On/Off control switch for Single Element W-Series heaters

Available in Dual Duplex

For Use only with Infratech W-Series

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