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Infratech W-Series Infrared Heaters

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The W-Series INFRATUBE Quartz Radiant Outdoor Heater sets the standard in outdoor heating technology. Infratech Radiant Heaters are rated for 5000 hours or up to 5 years! Corrosion resistant stainless steel or powder coated steel units are available in a variety of sizes and voltages.

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2 year Factory Warranty

Outdoor space heating can keep your guests comfortable or extend the party season despite cold weather. The W-Series line of ceiling patio heaters use infrared energy to efficiently provide heat with pinpoint accuracy virtually anywhere it's desired. And, the W-Series ceiling patio heater is completely safe; emitting only warm radiant energy. They are UL listed, provide maximum efficiency, easier installation, lower cost, and higher ROI to provide you the ultimate outdoor/indoor heating solution. You and your guests may never have to move indoors again.  Amps vary by voltage.

Contractor Discounts Available - Call or email!

  • May be Recessed in Ceiling with Flush Mount Frame
  • Heats indoors and outdoors
  • Provides spot heat to exposed areas
  • The W-3024 model operates for as little as 30 cents per hour, varies with location
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Standard Beige Powder Coated Finish
  • Stainless Steel is Required for Custom Powder Coating
  • UL listed
  • Units may be Regulated for Desired Heat
  • NEW State-of-the-Art Multi-Zone control systems available
  • No moving parts - low maintenance
  • No open flames or carbon monoxide emissions
  • NOW a TWO-year Factory Warranty
  • Includes 6" Mounting Brackets
  • Can be tilted up to a 60* angle
  • Heaters are approximately 8" wide
  • 1500 Watt available in 120volt and 240volt
  • 2000 Watt and Above require either 240, 208, 277 or 480 volt
  • Single elements heaters operate at approx 1400*F
  • Stainless Steel is recommended for Outdoor Applications

Custom Colors: Black, Almond, White, Bronze available upon request. Call or email for Color samples

Optional INF Variable Control (click here to order):

Note: cannot add the control knob if you choose a unit over 3000 watt. See Solid State Comfort Controls.

The W-Series has models available in Dual Elements of 5000, 6000 and 8000 Watts. We'll gladly assist you in planning. Just send us an email or give us a call and we'll provide heating ideas for your space!

Choosing your W-Series Ceiling Heaters: Determine approximate measurements & ceiling heights

W-Series Single Element Heaters

AREA Ceiling Height W-Series Watts Comfort Controls
5' x 5' 6' - 8' W-15 1500 INF Dial "dimmer" switch available
6' x 6' 7' - 9' W-20 2000 INF Dial "dimmer" switch available
7' x 7' 7' - 9' W-25 2500 INF Dial "dimmer" switch available
8' x 8' 7' - 9' W-30 3000 INF Dial "dimmer" switch available
10' x 10'
8' - 11' W-40 4000 Duplex Switch or Zone Remote Analog Control & Zone Main Control Box

Click Here to purchase the Main Zone Control Panel

Click Here to purchase the Zone Remote Analog Control

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