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InfraTech W-Series Main Zone Home Management Panel for Use with Home Automation

  • Brand: Infratech
  • Product Code: 440
  • Availability: In Stock
Home Management System Control Boxes

Use with W-Series Infrared Heaters to a Home Management System

Infratechs Home Management panels will work with any homeworks system as long as they can provide 0-10v DC signals

Home Management Controls:

Your home system must provide a 0-10 V DC signal from your home management system. 0 volts = off, 10 volts = 100%. Your system should be setup for 0-10 V DC output. Simply address the outputs and program the system just like an incandescent lighting load. With the W-Series Home Management system, you will not need the Analog Controls. You will be able to control the heaters directly from the keypad.

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